the promises whispered
into the sweet breeze
of yesterday, the love
that would always
still see me, even when
I was blind.
All those and more
left in the shadows of
what was left unkept-

like the tears
swept away in
the winds of fire
pulling at pain and
loss and scattering
them into the ways
let them burn
the whispers said
they are only the
unkept memories
that need no tending-

Dragon Fire

Fire Spinning by Dancing Ravens

DSCF3524©Fern’s Fronds Photography

DSCF3585©Fern’s Fronds Photography

DSCF3592©Fern’s Fronds Photography


There was a current
in the air and it sparked
the flames that we danced
for, ignited the eyes
of the dragon and
together we moved
in beat and time
the drummed out
prayer sent up
and left to fly-

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I would love to hear what you have to say on it!


You love me with the shadows of your heart,
and I cling to them, as lifelines,
begging for a glimpse of your light,
ethereal wings and softest words
crush me under
the weight of loneliness,
and I sit in the dark and cry,
for just a taste…
love, like honey mead
held aloft,
and denied,
by these self same

Mother’s Day….again…

So here it is again, Mother’s day. That one time a year that everyone seems to enjoy shoving their awesome relationship with the mother down every one else’s throat. With so many businesses  and people bringing up that it is time to honor your mother, and forgetting that there are a whole lot of people out there that don’t have a mom to celebrate. Even if their loved one has passed on it is still put on display and shouted to everyone that can hear, “I HAVE AN AWESOME MOM!!”

That is so cool.. not.

I go into a period of mourning at this time of year, every year. My bio-mom is still alive, I haven’t spoken to her in almost 30 years. She doesn’t deserve any honor, she didn’t earn the title “mother or mom” and she never will.

I am mourning over the mother I never had, the one that I wanted to have all my life, the one that would stop the bad things from happening instead of just letting it happen and turn the other cheek.

I have had women in my life that I wanted to be my mother, but it just never was the same. They always had their own children to nurture, I always felt like I was just the extra bit that came with my dad.

When it came time for me to be a mom, I have tried my best, the father of my children didn’t think I needed to be celebrated as being their mom or just being a mom. He flat refused to make it a thing, and was very good at letting me know that I was not to force the point with the kids. So now my oldest is 20 my twins are 8 and other than what the school told my son he should make along with the other kids for mothers day I never have got a gift, never got the day off, never had someone say to me, that I was good at what I did.

Until I met my partner, I got the first ever mother’s day gift not from my children ever,3 years ago. I cried so much that he thought I was important enough to celebrate.

So while this holiday is may be good for you, please remember that not everyone in the world around you had the best of moms, some of us had none at all.

ignorance is not always bliss

Don’t you
know the things
that drip from
pens fountain
tip, are just the
precursor to the
things that would
be whispered soft
near ears, breathed
into skin, and spoken
with fingertip kisses-

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