I keep thinking
that if I say just
the right things
you will feel
how far and long
my scars run,
and you will
see that my
compassion is
deeper than
oceans across
the moon-



the promises whispered
into the sweet breeze
of yesterday, the love
that would always
still see me, even when
I was blind.
All those and more
left in the shadows of
what was left unkept-

ignorance is not always bliss

Don’t you
know the things
that drip from
pens fountain
tip, are just the
precursor to the
things that would
be whispered soft
near ears, breathed
into skin, and spoken
with fingertip kisses-

Small Rambles on a rainy monday morning…

Just a short ramble through the thoughts of this morning as the rain continues to fall on leaves covering the ground. I was up late last night, because while unpacking some boxes, some of which I haven’t seen in  two years as they have been in storage, I found a copy of Warcraft 3 and the frozen throne expansion. Needless to say I installed the games and proceeded to play till the wee hours of the morning.

I am a game geek, I love real time strategy games (RTS) and I love Warcraft! I have been playing that game since it started as a DOS game for PC. Now if I could find the play disk for my Age Of Empires 3 Game I would be a happy fucking camper!!

After the ass kicking of the trailer, I now have extra boxes of things in my house that I need to find all the places that they will live, as well as prep for my new moon ritual. I am having some close family out for ritual and dinner. I am looking forward to this one, this is an interesting month coming up and an awesome time to put your intent into the universe.  I will be writing some more, for the ritual. and have been thinking of putting together some of the writings that I have done that have been inspired by Goddess imagery.

but I think that will be enough for the moment, at least till I  get the fridge cleaned out and at least 3 of the boxes emptied and put away. By then I will want to have a break and see what lovely things are out there to be read.

©Fern Photography

My view from yesterday before the clouds rolled in and the rain began to drip.

Where to begin….

Once upon a time ago I started this blog in hopes of stretching out from where I was feeling stuck during a time of transition and change. As I am sure you can see from the last post before this one, that it has been four years since I stepped back into this platform. I have a Tumblr which you can visit called  Grey Musings . That has been my mainstay for most of my writing.

I have taken such a long time off from writing every day the way that I used to do. It was like breathing, and although I did it from time to time, I felt like I was drowning for lack of air.

Life often has a way of knocking us around when we least expect it, and when we stand up and shake ourselves off, it is sometimes never the same place we fell down in. I am starting to stand more solidly in where I found myself this time. The Goddess has decided to goad me along in this space I am in. “It’s time to start again.” She says. “It’s time to speak your truth.” And let me tell you that is one of the scariest things in the world to do sometimes. Especially right now when the world seems to be falling apart at the seems, but that is exactly why we must speak our truths.  We must teach and guide and show the way into the next transition. This world is shifting, and I plan to dance right along with it.

So I am not exactly sure how or where to end this, because I got a little rambling in there, but that is the way it goes sometimes. So I will end this with a smile and a laugh, and ask that you come back and visit.20161108_094123

the texture of solitude

Solitude,the texture
of it calms,pulled
by a siren sound,
tracing the contures
of chaos; leaving
a rhythm to soothe-
liquid diamond element
put to maneuver
in zig zag form
to fill a resume
of anxious melody-
and prayers said
sliding along rosary
beads, completing
the music of this
tragedy,lost in the
purple recesses of
a fallen galaxy.

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