Got lost..

Somewhere along the way of tryin to find the place where my shadows live and where I am suposed to live with them. You see you can’t just wish that the dark parts of you were not there. You have to learn where they came from and then learn to dance with them. To dance with them means to take the lead, they follow your steps and you find a balance. Though there are times when the music falters and the beat goes astray. That is where I have been, lost in the missed beat and trying to find my footing again.

The dark got really dark this time, the more I tried to find my feet the futher I fell into it. All I wanted was to not wake up, to not cry at every little thing, to just for not be strong.

I had grown tired of being strong, grown tired of being the rock,being the pillar. All I wanted was to be held so that I could break apart and still be able to find all of my pieces again.

So I got lost along the way and fell apart alone. I am gathering them back to me one fragment at a time, all the little bits of me that I still hold.

Maybe one day I will find the pieces I left in other people while trying to find the path.

I hope they know…

I want me back.

Dragon Fire

Fire Spinning by Dancing Ravens

DSCF3524©Fern’s Fronds Photography

DSCF3585©Fern’s Fronds Photography

DSCF3592©Fern’s Fronds Photography


There was a current
in the air and it sparked
the flames that we danced
for, ignited the eyes
of the dragon and
together we moved
in beat and time
the drummed out
prayer sent up
and left to fly-

Longest Night

Just a short note to say I hope that the longest night of the year is filled with light and blessings, as the sun will be reborn with the dawn and the new year truly beginning.

I had more I wanted to say but I have gotten a bit finger tied it seems. this month has taken some turns that I am not all together sure I ended up on the same path I was on. Which is ok, that is life, paths turn change and sometimes disappear altogether.

So where ever you are on your path, May the Goddess light the crossroads for you as you meet them, and may She help light the way through the night to the birth of the dawn.


“Archangel Uriel” by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law   Shadowscapes

Where to begin….

Once upon a time ago I started this blog in hopes of stretching out from where I was feeling stuck during a time of transition and change. As I am sure you can see from the last post before this one, that it has been four years since I stepped back into this platform. I have a Tumblr which you can visit called  Grey Musings . That has been my mainstay for most of my writing.

I have taken such a long time off from writing every day the way that I used to do. It was like breathing, and although I did it from time to time, I felt like I was drowning for lack of air.

Life often has a way of knocking us around when we least expect it, and when we stand up and shake ourselves off, it is sometimes never the same place we fell down in. I am starting to stand more solidly in where I found myself this time. The Goddess has decided to goad me along in this space I am in. “It’s time to start again.” She says. “It’s time to speak your truth.” And let me tell you that is one of the scariest things in the world to do sometimes. Especially right now when the world seems to be falling apart at the seems, but that is exactly why we must speak our truths.  We must teach and guide and show the way into the next transition. This world is shifting, and I plan to dance right along with it.

So I am not exactly sure how or where to end this, because I got a little rambling in there, but that is the way it goes sometimes. So I will end this with a smile and a laugh, and ask that you come back and visit.20161108_094123

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