Raindrop memories

Snowy rambles….

Today there is snow. I watched it starting to drift down last night as I was heading to bed. Just small little bits of fluff, it had been spitting snow off an on most of the day yesterday, but this morning there is snow. The first dusting of the season, with powder like flakes and fat lacy flakes.

It can be very beautiful.

It can also be pretty damn cold. I have mentioned I am not a fan of the cold. Oh well, tis the season, yes.

I have a lot of things to be doing over the next week or so. I have gotten my trees up and my outside lights up. Now I have a table full of odd craft pieces,beads, jewelry, tools,screws and silk floral parts to sort and find homes for, and to begin the onslaught of creative things. Yule is coming and I am not prepared, I have a secret santa gift to get sent out, and other gifts to make, oh and fudge! I am making fudge for gifts, because it’s the best stuff I have ever made.

so I will leave you with some of the pics from the last few days. and the snow from this morning, and hopes that you have  beautiful day where ever you are.

©Fern Photography 2016

Monday again….

It always happens, Monday. Today’s Monday is as grey as the last one but with out the rain,and a touch colder. It was supposed to snow here this week, but this being Indiana and all, they changed the outlook again. Because as the saying goes “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change.”

I was born here, moved around alot as a kid, but have lived my entire adult life in Indiana, ether here closer to central Indiana, or down south in Evansville, which is where I was born. It can be a beautiful place sometimes, and the spot I have found most recently is absolutely magical.

But I linger here and I need to go feed  and water all the things. I have thoughts and words from the Krampus night that I want to share, but that will have to be for a post later today maybe.

Anywho, time to go out in the aforementioned cold and take a walk.




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